Un paso más hacia el inglés de la vida real

Publicado 12/02/2018 en el Tablón de Anuncios de Pamplona

Precio: 20 €

Hey, my name is kristina and i am offering one-on-one english language classes, exam preparations and conversation sessions (max. 3 people). I earned my english philology master’s degree in 2016 with a successful completion of one semester at randolph-macon collage, virginia, usa. Currently i am an assistant teacher at unav. I have previous experience in tutoring and preparing university students for job interviews. Being a philologist and a non-native speaker i am aware of the methodology behind language learning. Besides providing a firm grammatical foundation, my classes are designed to improve pronunciation, listening and conversational skills. Primarily i focus on building a vocabulary that takes classroom english a step further towards real life.

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