Cazorla´s Indians legend

Publicado 30/04/2021 en el Tablón de Anuncios de Jaén

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Cazorla´s Indians legend
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A prestigious legend influences about the greatest and mostly unexplored mountain range of Jaén, Spain, the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura and the Las Villas, uninhabited by human beings, populated by vermin such as bears and wolves. It is said that an indigenous ethnic group lives within its intricate forests, many claimed to have seen it although they did not provide a truthful and forceful proof. This story is told in part by heroes themselves handpicked to fulfill a specific mission: find the indigenous in inhospitable, craggy, lush lands, crossed by numerous rivers and streams. The events are fun and full of humor, but the anguish and desperation make turns the peaceful rhythm of the history.

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