I offer communication medium sessions, Comunicación con el más allá

Publicado 19/01/2021 en el Tablón de Anuncios de Marbella

60 €

I offer communication medium sessions (for private clients and companies) Communication medium sessions/Communication with the afterlife During a frame of mind counselling, in collaboration with the spiritual world, I examine your current life issues and create solutions, such as your possible potential. In communication with the afterlife, I establish contact with your loved ones who have passed over and I transmit messages from the spiritual world. Business consultancy With the help of the spiritual world, I analyse the current challenges and potential of your business (HR, marketing, finance, order of succession, business strategies, etc.) and I support you in taking decisions. I can offer you this in your language like Spain, English, German, French , Czech or Russian. Hour – EUR 60 -phone session

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